Danny Jenkins: Zero Trust at the EndPoint: Fighting Ransomware

Danny Jenkins, CEO, ThreatLocker

Zero Trust at the EndPoint: Fighting Ransomware

The Zero Trust framework is based on the principle of “never trust, always verify.” Join us to learn about Zero Trust, how to adopt it for endpoints, and the technologies you need to take control of your environment in the fight against ransomware.

About TXOne Networks

Industrial control systems (ICS) are intricate ecosystems where legacy and state-of-the-art devices work together to keep highly automated production processes in motion. But, this complex infrastructure is easily exploited. TXOne provides OT-focused digital safety solutions to protect environments at both the endpoint and network levels. We provide asset visibility that translates into actions against threats, endpoint protection that supports the majority of legacy OS, network defense deployed beyond the gateway, and does not interrupt the OT operation. Learn more at www.txone.com


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