James Gorman: Expert Panel Moderator (Day 2)

James Gorman:  Expert Panel Moderator (Day 2)

James is a US Navy veteran and a solutions-driven, results-focused technologist and entrepreneur with experience securing, designing, building, deploying, and maintaining large-scale, mission-critical applications and networks.

James leads teams through multiple SOC 2, FedRAMP, NIST, ISO, PCI, and HITRUST compliance audits. As a consultant, he has helped numerous companies formulate their strategy for compliance and infrastructure scalability. His previous leadership roles include CISO, VP of Network Operations & Engineering, CTO, VP of Operations, Founder & Principal Consultant, and Vice President. At companies as diverse as GE, Epoch Internet, NETtel, Cable and Wireless, SecureNet, Transaction Network Services, AuthX, Certify Global, and OnePay.

James is the vCISO for Cyber Defense Media Group and runs https://www.hard2hack.com 

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