James Henderson: Insider Threat Mitigation Best Practices

James Henderson: Insider Threat Mitigation Best Practices

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Mr. Henderson has over 15 years of experience protecting classified information up to the Top Secret SCI Level. He has been responsible for the development, implementation and management of: Insider Threat Programs, Cyber Security-Information Systems Security Programs, Information Assurance Programs, for U.S. Government, DoD, IC Agencies, Cleared Defense Contractors, State Governments, large and small businesses.

Mr. Henderson has held numerous high level security positions working for the following government agencies: U.S. Special Operations Command, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, DoD Insider Threat Counterintelligence Group, Defense Security Services, Department of Energy and Health and Human Services.


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There is a very damaging threat that lies hidden in todays world of cyber threats, cyber attacks, ransomware and many other EXTERNAL attacks by Cyber Criminal’s. This INTERNAL threat is known as “Insider Threats”.

This report (Produced Monthly) provides an eye opening snapshot of the many different ways a disgruntled employee can severely impact an organization. The employee may not be disgruntled, but have other malicious motives such as financial gain to live a better lifestyle, etc.

Severe Impacts To An Organization From A Malicious / Opportunist Employee Can Be broad:
Financial Loss (Trade Secrets / Data Theft, Theft Of Property / Assets, $$$ Embezzlement)
Operational Impact For The Organization To Execute Its Mission (IT / Network Sabotage, Data Destruction)
Legal, Compliance & Liability Impacts
Stock Price Reduction
Workplace Violence
Employees Lose Jobs / Company Goes Out Of Business

Many Insider Threat reports are limited in their scope of reporting and their definition of Insider Threats. Most of these reports simply cite percentages of how Insider Threats have increased, or only focus on the technical aspects of an Insider stealing data from an organization, and leave out many other types of Insider Threats.

This report will give the reader a comprehensive view of the “Actual Malicious Actions” employees are taking against their employers. (See Pages 5 to 19)

The report provided below is very useful information for awareness and educational purposes, especially when trying to get support and funding from the CEO for Insider Threat Mitigation, or for for developing, implementing and managing an Insider Threat Program.

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