Quentin Kantaris: Uncovering the Ugly Truth of OT Cybersecurity

Uncovering the Ugly Truth of OT Cybersecurity

Uncovering the Ugly Truth of OT Cybersecurity

The modernization of operational technology (OT) has brought about significant challenges. There’s the complexity of securing these assets as connectivity increases, but there are also operational challenges unique to OT environments. We’ll focus on use cases that deal with some of the most prevalent issues organizations encounter today, such as legacy systems, insecure protocols, and asset availability. Following this session, you’ll be able to identify key differences in IT and. OT cybersecurity strategies that maintain security defenses while keeping the operation running.

Speaker information:

Quentin Kantaris

Quentin Kantaris is a Solutions Architect at TXOne Networks, a global leader in OT/ICS security. With his vast experience as a network security engineer for organizations in various industries, Quentin is focused on all aspects of solution design, deployment, and implementation of cybersecurity strategies for operational efficiency and secure processing. As a Toyota Land Cruiser Enthusiast, you’ll find him exploring America’s landscape when he’s not saving the world from industrial cyber threats.  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/quentin-kantaris


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