Winn Schwartau (Time, Trust, & Threats: Winn’s Security Prisms)

Time, Trust, & Threats: Winn’s Security Prisms

“I’ve had a whole lot of time to think … “

Join Winn in his first live public appearance since Feb, 2020 (RSAC, SF) and get ready for a whirlwind tour of his latest ideas… well, some of them, at least. There’s only so much time.

  • The Three Biggest Threat to Cyber-Things. And Security, of course.
  • Time as ‘the first’ security metric. Vis a vis, “Time-Based Security”
  • Trust as the ‘second security metric’, vis a vis, “Analogue Network Security”
  • Security is Probabilistic, not Deterministic: Get Over It. Spectrum is Everything. (Think ICS)
  • There’s no such thing as AI. Is ML/DL/Neural probably good enough?
  • History, Engineering, & Psychology: A Future Foundation of CyberSecurity Education.
  • How to Measure Your Time-Based Security Profile.
  • How to Measure Your Trust in Networked Environments (Physical, Cyber, or Human)
  • How Does Provable Security Affect Policy?
  •     I dunno… maybe other thoughts…
  • Maybe an AMA if there’s time?

Everyone will get hard copies of the ANS Design Cheat Sheet to make things easier.

For those who want to go down some security-thinking rabbit holes with me, let’s talk! I’ll be there.

Winn Schwartau: A Brief Bio

“After talking to Winn for an hour and a half, you’re like, what the f*** just happened?” – Bob Todrank

Winn has lived Cyber Security since 1983, and now says, “I think, maybe, I’m just starting to understand it.” His predictions about the internet & security have been scarily spot on. He coined the term “Electronic Pearl Harbor” while testifying before Congress in 1991 and showed the world how and why massive identify theft, cyber-espionage, nation-state hacking and cyber-terrorism would be an integral part of our future. He was named the “Civilian Architect of Information Warfare,” by Admiral Tyrrell of the British MoD.

His new book, “Analogue Network Security” is a mathematical, time-based and probabilistic approach to justifiable security. His goal is to provide a first set of tools and methods to “fix security and the internet”, including fake news, spam, phishing, DDoS and more. It will twist your mind.

He is a:

  • Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts
  • Distinguished Fellow: Ponemon Institute
  • International Security Hall of Fame: ISSA
  • Top-20 industry pioneers: SC Magazine.
  • Top 25 Most Influential: Security Magazine
  • Top 5 Security Thinkers: SC Magazine.
  • Power Thinker and one of the 50 most powerful people: Network World.
  • Top Rated (4.85/5) RSA Speaker
  • Top Rated Webinar: 4.56 (ISC2)
  • .001% Top Influencer RSAC-2019

Author: Pearl Harbor Dot Com (Die Hard IV), 3 volumes of “Information Warfare,” “CyberShock”, “Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids”, “Time Based Security” (More on his web site.)

Founder: www.TheSecurityAwarenessCompany.Com
Founder: www.InfowarCon.Com
Executive Producer: “Hackers Are People Too”  &


Get your personal copy of the best cybersecurity book of all time:  Analogue Network Security by Winn Schwartau provided to you as a gift from the author, himself.  Get it personally autographed and a photo op with Winn if time permits – it will be a historic moment.

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