Christopher Littlefield: Excellence in Remote Workforce Leadership

Christopher Littlefield: Excellence in Remote Workforce Leadership

NOTE! This is an interactive session you will need your camera from time to time!

NOTE – This session will not be recorded, so make sure you attend or send someone from your team!


After over two years of working remotely, your leaders are tired, burned out, and barely have the bandwidth to take care of themselves, let alone support their people. The problem is when employees feel neglected, they leave! If you want your leaders to attract, motivate, and retain the staff, you need to give the mindset, methods, and means to thrive in our new hybrid reality. This program is designed to give your managers the tools to make leading easier. Leaders will leave with a roadmap and an abundance of concrete activities to curate an engaging hybrid team culture without investing more than 15 minutes of planning each week.

In this session, leaders will:

  • Learn strategies that will help them discover exactly what each team member needs to feel supported and how to give it to them regardless of the environment.
  • Learn how to incorporate relationship building into virtual meetings, chats, and one-on-ones.
  • Learn 10+ Virtual Activity Ideas that take under 10 minutes.
  • Learn how to organize a virtual team retreat in under an hour.
  • Gain tips on how to consciously transition back to work when/if the time comes!

Christopher Littlefield 

Christopher Littlefield is an International and TEDx Speaker, Expert in Employee Appreciation, Workplace Culture and the founder of Beyond Thank You. He has trained thousands of leaders, across six continents, on how to understand what their people want and need to be at their best. His clients include Accenture, Boston Medical, Lebanese Postal Service, MIT Sloan School of Management, Reserve Bank of Australia, Salesforce, the U.S. Army, the United Nations, and more. His work has been featured in New York, Inc, Mindful, and British Psychologies Magazines, and profiled in Harvard Business Review. Chris is a regular contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review and the author of the bestselling book, 75+Team Building Activities for Remote Teams.

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