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Cyber Defense Media Group – 10 Year Anniversary

CyberDefenseCon 2022 – In Person Exclusive Conference for 2022

Our entire team lives and breathes with one philosophy:

In order for you to “RISE ABOVE THE NOISE” we must deliver results that are “ABOVE AND BEYOND” your expectations.

Our Goal is to be the #1 Cyber Defense News and Information platform in the World.

  • Like you, we are success-driven.
  • Like you, we are performance-driven.
  • Like you, we care passionately about cyber defense.

We will deliver results. If you are ever not pleased, let us know and we’ll do our best to exceed your expectations. We have life-long clients (10 years) since inception. This is because we listen, we deliver, we improve, we grow, we succeed, TOGETHER.


We’re celebrating this milestone every day this year in different, exciting and creative ways.

We’re expanding our teams, platforms and have BIG goals between now and 2025.

When our tiny team began our journey at Cyber Defense Media Group (CDMG) together in January 2012, we were happy to help smaller, lesser-known innovators of infosec, get their message out there and Rise Above the noise. Now, after 10 years, we’re even helping multi-billion dollar companies and governments around the globe with our offices in D.C., London, N.Y. and other locations in play, as we continue to scale, thanks to you – our readers, listeners, viewers and media partners.

There have been many UP’s but never any down’s at CDMG (except, while we are cyber and social engineering attacked daily, only 1 hour of what we thought was DDoS attack aimed at our magazine’s site unavailability actually turned out to be growing pains due to our traffic doubling on one day during RSAC 2020, an inflection point in our company history). The lesson here is on balancing security with availability for scalability.

We’ve been blessed to build the following platforms over these years, thanks to all of those of you who have and continue to support our mission:

In 2022, with a decade of operations and steady growth, we’re continuing to grow and develop these multiple platforms based on over 10,000 pages of InfoSec knowledge, developed by hundreds of the best and brightest sources in the IT, Cybersecurity and Regulatory compliance arena. Some of our experts are CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CISOs, Network Administrators and IT Staff in all major vertical markets – from Governments to Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Education to Manufacturing and Critical Infrastructure. We’re proud to be an ethical, passionate, honest, caring & inclusive, carbon negative enterprise.

It’s a big, bold, beautiful 2022:

Results should be outstanding.

Join us in our 10th year anniversary celebrations and let’s make history together.

Very Respectfully and
with Immeasurable Appreciation,

Gary S. Miliefsky, Chairman & CEO
Cyber Defense Media Group

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