Speakers Agreement

While CDMG will be using some of the Chattam House rules, as a private, invitation-only, closed event, I confirm that I have agreed to participate as a speaker, moderator or panelist in the above described presentation(s), and I will supply certain program materials in electronic or tangible form in support of the presentation(s).


With respect to the presentation(s) and the materials, I grant to Cyber Defense Media Group (CDMG), its employees and agents, the following: Permission to make audio and video recordings to be owned by CDMG (recordings) by any means and in any media of my presentation(s) and to use my name, photograph and biographical information in connection with the reproduction, distribution and promotion of the presentation(s) and recordings; A license to incorporate into the recordings, in whole or in part, any written speeches, visual aids and other visual or written materials used, performed, displayed or provided by me in connection with my presentation(s) including, without limitation, a license to record any public performance of the materials; The right, on a nonexclusive basis, to reproduce in any medium and make derivative works based upon, to publish the materials in official meeting proceedings of the event, and to distribute, display and perform to Cyber Defense Con attendees and others the presentation(s), recordings, or materials, in whole or in part, by means of the internet, by physical media, print media, posting in pdf format on CDMG websites, or by any other means.


I warrant and represent that all of the content in the materials is either my own original work or, if any of the content in the presentation or materials in not original (including but not limited to images, graphs or text) then I have acquired the necessary permission to modify, copy and redistribute the content for which I am not the copyright holder, so as to allow CDMG to copy and redistribute such content as part of the presentation(s) and materials without infringing upon any patent, trademark, or copyright, or violating any right to privacy, of any third party.


The rights granted in this Speaker Consent and Release are granted without compensation on a perpetual, world-wide, royalty-free and irrevocable basis. To the extent my presentation(s) or the materials are protected by copyright law, I reserve all rights to myself except as otherwise granted above. I understand that CDMG will credit me any reuse of the presentation(s) or materials.

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